Philosophy of Ministry

Core values

*Central Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church and works in cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, and the Comanche - Cotton Baptist Association.

*We believe in a strong Sunday School Program, Music ministry, Sunday worship service, Wednesday prayer service, Wednesday praise and worship.

*The Bible is the sole authority for the beliefs taught in Sunday School, the sermons preached from the pulpit, and the discipleship provided for all ages.

*It is our belief that a strong healthy church is based on individual and corporate prayer.

*We are committed to providing quality leadership, teaching, and activities for our children, youth, and adults of all ages.

Our mission Statement

Evangelism -  This key area deals with things that the church, ministries, and individuals do to reach out to the lost and share Jesus Christ.  This area also deals with how the church is equipping Christians to build relationships to share the gospel.

Discipleship -  This key area deals with the church's ministries to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  The key vehicle for discipleship is building relationships for the purpose of teaching, encouragement, and accountability.

Compassion -  This area deals with the way we share our material resources, time, and knowledge with those in need.  Compassion is the highest form of love and every believer is encouraged to develop compassion that is present when the Holy Spirit is fully operating in one's life.

Connection -  This area deals with the way the church, ministries, and individuals connect with the unconnected.  The connection process occurs during corporate worship times, but also during other church events and within the circle of influence of the members of the Central Baptist Church.

Leadership -  This area deals with how we develop our people to do effective ministry.  Leadership, in the church, should be a product of learning of one's spiritual gifts and then developing these gifts.  Leaders should be continually developed in order to expand the ministries of the church to reach into the community as well as strengthen the church. 

Ministry Management -  This area deals with how we make decisions, allocate resources, and plan for the future.  This area should be Pastor led and Holy Spirit motivated.